Chariot of GOD: the birth of divine biology

December has been a powerhouse month so far, paving the way for an even more powerful year to come.  This week alone we have the 12:12 completion gate (12/12), the Sagittarius New Moon (12/12), and Mercury’s retrograde station (12/13) all leading us to the 12/21 Solstice gateway as we simultaneously navigate the Holydays.

In the bigger picture, this month contains the activation codes needed to align with our Divine Destiny on Earth via the return of our Divine Human genetics.  The warrior wave is no longer needed to free the planet & her people from slavery…we have fulfilled our karmic contracts, healed our ancestral/generational trauma, and resolved our genetic distortions so that we can now awaken to our True biological potential.

This Holy Season is our window for letting all that go and making space for the joy of the new (cosmic) creation cycle beginning in 2024.  As we release the last of our karmic creations thru this month’s stargates we completely close the 3/4D door (to duality) which fully opens the (5D) door to the Rainbow Realms on Earth.

The work (joy) of a Starborn Soul on an earthbound mission revolves around that which uplifts, resurrects, heals & beautifies…anything that encourages, inspires, enhances, or fortifies the organic principle of Creation.

The opening of the Rainbow Realms is slated to change everything about our lives, tho three things in particular are highlighted.  To begin with, 1) we are no longer going to be interfacing with the causal realms which means our participation with Creation will significantly shift.  2) We are also going to experience the lifting of the veil in a way that will provide a greater understanding of life and our own role in it.  3) We will be completely shedding the lower human identity that we held in our first life so that we can welcome forth our divine identity to rebuild our lives in alignment with the Divine Plan.

Of which, the Solstice gateway is presenting…among other things…as “the entrance to our Home on Earth” in the sense that we are now aligned with our true Star nature (while in human form) which means we now have the ability to feel at Home wherever we are and wherever we go⇾ compliments of our return to the Cosmic Egg/Womb of Life.  This encompassing feeling of Home is our new foundation to build from and why we have been working so tirelessly to dismantle the (false) foundation and unstable structures of our karmic life.

Moving into the new year we will no longer need to expend our precious life force on the dissolution of said false structures and can reroute all that energy to the creation of new life instead.  Translation⇾ our life force is now our own and can be utilized to revitalize, resurrect & restore our reality as it was originally intended to be.  Once we zero out the polarity of our karmic past we won’t be working so tirelessly to create (as LOVE) and destroy (fear programs) simultaneously but focused fully forward…toward Creation-only…which will speed things up considerably.

This month we are also are finalizing a 12-year cycle of manifesting the New Earth timeline which is a cosmic marvel in its own right.  This major milestone has been achieved by all the Love & Light workers across the planet thru multiple generations and it is here now that the first inhabitants, the cosmic settlers of New Earth, are physically stepping into this “Heavenly abode”.  The heavens rejoice in this Homecoming because we are no longer separated from that which (eternally) sustains us.

With all the incoming intel of the last few months, it certainly seems like the Solstice gateway is going to open us up to a fully 5th-dimensional experience with an explosion of breakthroughs and new opportunities.  As always it’s a wait-and-see endeavor but it really does feel as if everything is coming to fruition, coming back together as it was (originally) intended to be.

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