Cosmic Creation: grow, blossom & bear fruit

The Cosmic Creation Cycle is upon us (!) as we start a new 12-month journey at the astrological new year, steadily gaining momentum toward a brand new way of existing on Earth…one that is beyond anything we have previously known.  This new Creation Cycle includes new layers or realms of reality that are far more connected to/aligned with Source and will finally provide those at the fore with a palpable template to work with…a tangible blueprint to begin building the New Earth structures in such a way that we will be able to collectively participate with the budding potentials becoming available to all those in alignment with the unified realms of existence.

The first growing season our spring plantings will have both the (solar) nutrients and (cosmic) nourishment to bear undefiled Fruit.

At the moment, while the planets continue their journey through Pisces, we are still completing karmic contracts, persecution + victim-victimizer themes, and clearing our bodies and Earth’s grids from the recent underworld purge via the (2:2) Aquarian gates.  But as the sun enters Aries via the equinox portal (3/19-20) and we arrive at the first (lunar) eclipse of the season (3/25), you may begin to feel the Holy Fires ignite your creations as never before.  This is the unified Love·Light (plasma) returning to all those who have reclaimed their seat in divine government and who are readying to lead this planet to her destiny as a Star.

When we step into our (dharmic) destiny and return to our proper place & position as co-leaders of Earth’s destiny, we successfully connect & collaborate with all those who join us on this epic Star mission so that together we can co-construct the Divine Plan as enlightened brothers & sisters of the Way-Truth-Life.

This will mean different things to different people but what will remain true for all who join in this sacred collaboration is an endless supply of energy to Create with.  As Temples of GOD, we are granted access to as much Life Force as we can feasibly hold in our vessels which means our creative capacity expands as we do.

To expand your sacred container is to begin working with the Mother (plasmic) energies that now surround you, permeate you, and fill your (Grail) cup.  These infusions of Life Force are altering our mindscape, heartscape & cellscape as we remember what it means to create cosmically (as LOVE)…to grow, blossom & bear the Fruit of Life from our very own Garden plot.

Remembering how to work with this sacred substance of the universe is the next order of business for the Cosmic Citizens of Earth…the very basis of the New Earth experience, which will require new things of you.  Know that it is safe to work with these forces now...even as we are dredging up past (Atlantean) timeline events that may feel otherwise.

To complete the transmigration of realities we must purge past atrocities of power that weigh heavily on the ascending, however, we have already collectively moved beyond the trappings of ego from a time when our baser instincts were not well managed.  This means that we are now free to experience and explore the sacred Forces of Life if & as we are aligned with them.

Moving into this new season you may come to know/remember that you are not only rewriting these lifetimes past, but reopening doors (portals) to welcome the far-distant future into the present.  As you do, as you open these pathways to begin anew, you will also come to know/remember that this too has already been created…that these pathways have already been laid for & by you for this very pivotal moment in planetary history.

So fire up the kiln! The time to mold the divine clay is upon us. 🏺

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