Crossing Over: state of eternal daylight

Resurrection season is officially open and we are now headed straight for the total solar eclipse via the second new moon in Aries on 4/19.  To prepare us, the 4:4 stargates of April have been ushering in the codes needed to finalize the persecution journey…by way of our (masculine) inner child healing…so we can begin planting our healed Holy Child (Risen Sun) potentials for the new seeding cycle. For those who are moving into alignment with the Risen Sun Self, these new level potentials include the embodiment of the Cosmic Christ, when the Trinity of GOD consciousness (33) is seeded into our bodies & the Earth’s body (44).

I say it often but 4 is a no-nonsense frequency where heaven/spirit meets earth/matter…where the new year probabilities enter into the physical dimensions of reality to begin their (zodiacal) seasons of growth & maturity.  Real, sometimes forced, changes happen under the energy of 4…not to mention while in an eclipse season…especially if we are dragging our feet or ignoring the call.  Not the most comfortable frequency by any means…but a productive one nonetheless⇾ one that demands our foundation is secured as LOVE.

The state of eternal daylight is the state of unobstructed Light…the Risen Sun that never sets, the Light that casts no shadow.

What is most remarkable about this astrological year is that those at the fore are beginning a brand new seeding cycle, one that is unlike any other in the sense that this is the first year ever that we are seeding the new/original Genesis codes (Seeds of Life)i.e. NOT replanting karmic seeds…which seems to imply that 2024 has the potential to be our first karmic-free year.

This means that we are releasing ourselves from the karmic seeding cycles whereby we replanted seeds from the same genus each year…seeds spawned from the repetitious cycles of causality. Because of this, and as we approach this brand new planting season, we need to do so with the understanding & intention to sow new seeds from our monadic genealogy in lieu of our human (miasmic) ancestry.  Our collective Starseed mission to heal those genetics for our reGenesis is completing which means we are approaching our true moment to begin again, to start fresh with a brand new karmic-free cycle of creation.

This new seeding cycle is unique to the first ascending waves and so a collective gathering is currently taking place to usher those prepared thru the doorway to the higher frequencies of the Heavenly Realm, thereby separating us from the last of those people-places-things who are not yet ready or will not be joining us in our New Earth adventures.  Akin to a physical departure, this requires active surrender to bring closure to the people, places, plans, beliefs, and connections to the 3D world (matrix) as they drop out of our lives to make way for the new to enter.

After the last 3 months of timeline divisions, the universal sorting process is coming to a close and we are all aligning with our new/true trajectories in preparation for the eclipses.  This unsettling emptying-out may feel like it has no bottom because it is the be-all-end-all…our last chance to shake off discordances, to seal our light, to call back any remaining soul fragments so we can meet our liberation thru the 5:5 gateways and move on from the lower human experience for good.

These turning point energies are here-now and yet Mercury will begin his retrograde (on 4/21) initiating an important review & recalibration process directly following the solar eclipse reboot. We will want/need this evaluation period because this Aries eclipse is a big one…the first of a two-year-long series of eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis which means we are moving into all-new territory, and there is no turning back.  We are accelerating ahead and the past is finally staying behind.

There is always an unknown element during eclipses but this leap of faith feels larger than most, requiring a (throwback) “think with your heart” moment as we feel our way forward into Taurus season, guided by the newly ignited yet still flickering flame of renewed passion & purpose.  As the Holy Fire grows within, we will confidently leave our karmic mission work behind and learn to trust in Life again, to feel safe to open up to the new opportunities and cycles coming our way.

This will bring us the peace, balance & stability we seek to prosper, thrive & bask in the eternal daylight. ☀️

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