Divine Justice: the incumbency of Christ

This month opened with quite a bang! On 10/1, an accelerated thrust of Life Force arrived very suddenly…via the fiery Aries full (harvest) moon….triggering a domino effect of change that is still rippling thru our lives.  Coupled with that relatively unexpected acceleration, we have the ONE dynamic (1+0=1) of new beginnings at play on a personal level, which is vividly highlighting the New Earth timeline and some big steps to arrive & anchor there.

October is also a universal FIVE month offering us a glimpse into the upcoming universal 5 year of 2021⇾ our target year for humanity’s liberation from (cabal) slavery and the foundation we’ve been building toward all of 2020 via the universal 4 energy.  Five is a powerful numeric that demands freedom, breakthrough & change, the vibration of which will serve as the backdrop of motivation and provocation for upcoming escalating social tensions needed for true emancipation.

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The force of five this month means that (on the collective/social level) we are headed for a tumultuous, yet liberating journey into the underbelly of the beast (think: Scorpio⇾ underworld).  Simultaneously, those at the helm of New Humanity are being offered the ability to step deeper into embodied leadership as the systems that once upheld the false matrix continue to slip-up in public view, eventually revealing “the man behind the curtain” once and for all.

Scorpio season + two major masculine archetypes retrograde (Mercury & Mars) has plenty to reveal to the masses as humanity is presented with greater and greater chances/choices to turn away from the illusion and return Home to their Hearts.  These last months of 2020 are showing as the tipping point, the make or break moment when every soul gets to choose…to take back their power (life force) and reroute it to a higher calling.

The impetus for the reclamation from false power and the return to its rightful owners is by far the most pressing energy of October.  This will be a major theme of the month and one that will continue thru and beyond the US election…a time of rising chaos, yes, but with “an unexpected outcome for those in power” I am hearing specifically.

A universal 5 month in the (air) sign of Libra has the Five of Wands written all. over. it. which means⇾ time to clear the air.  To arrive there, the ascending collective is being called upon to mitigate the inevitable unrest with universal/unconditional LOVE…to stand in neutrality, to hold the vibrational space in accordance with GOD’s Law to ease the dismantling of the (karmic) justice system and to allow the energy of Divine Justice to prevail. ⚖️

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