Divine Mission Codes: end of spiritual poverty

The Scorpio New Moon (on 11/13) was our official exit from eclipse season but, more importantly, our release from the 2-year Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series in which Loveworkers have been deeply immersed in the (Plutonic) energies of the underworld to free the Divine Feminine Christ from the slave structures that blocked humanity from our sacred birthrights.  Thru this lunar cycle, we are receiving the invitation to activate our Divine Missions of Service and to begin our physical transformation with the Earth as she completes her shift into the New Earth frequency of unified Love·Light.

Adding to the power of this lunation is the 11:11 stargates which will amount to the last exit points from duality for those prepared for the unified experience of life on Earth.  These 1111 gateways…coupled with the universal 9 frequency of November…are assisting us to fine-tune our mastery by bringing closure to all timelines in separation with life reviews, rewrites, and the accompanying feelings of death, grief & loss as we complete our walk thru the valley of the shadow.

Divine Mission codes arrive with the blueprint for the 2024 germination cycle heralding the new Aquarian Age Leadership energies on Earth.

The difference (for many) this year is that the serpent is already slayed and so this Scorpio Season we are merely releasing the residual cell memories (of trauma) thru the molecular structure of our bodies, shedding the last karmic layers in preparation for our rebirth into the sacred Waters of Soul.  To that aim, the Holy Fire has been very actively purifying every cell of our being for the last six weeks so we can heal/whole any remaining division needed to collapse those old earth, genetic/ancestral timelines of generational trauma into zero point.

With both the Sun and Mars in Scorpio energizing our sacral center, a lot of this trauma has been coming up around our creation energies with ongoing detoxes/purges and feminine inner child healings & reclamations needed to unblock the pathway to our Creatrix power.  Our Divine Feminine authority is coming back online…and quickly…which means our unbridled power over our health & wealth is returning as we unleash our inner Christess to lead our lives as LOVE.  This has required so much alchemy to transmute lifetimes of stored emotions around our value & worth so that we can fully ground into our bodies to regain access to our sacral/sacred life force.

This legendary sacral clearing is an important preparatory phase for this year’s Ophiuchus Season (11/29-12/17 ) by which many are completing the return/reconnection to the Womb of Life, where all our sacred birthrights are contained.  As we move thru Ophiuchus, it enlivens/awakens/activates our Womb consciousness, which enlivens/awakens/activates our sacred birthrights and Gifts of Soul.

What makes this year’s Ophiuchus journey different from all the previous cycles is that those who are complete with their underworld contracts can now reap the rewards of returning to the Cosmic Egg.  Once we seal the door to hell, the portal to Heaven remains open and we are immersed in the amniotic Waters of Soul evermore.

These plasmic Mother energies are the rewards, the return of the True nutrients (Soul Food) needed for our Starborn selves & New Earth lives.

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