Era of Peace: unraveling the beast system

Eclipse season has finally come to an end, bringing to a head the deep purification that uprooted ancient emotions around core masculine heartbreak wounds.  This 8-week portal opened on the Aries new moon (4/1) and was therefore highlighted by important uplevellings in our independence, leadership & self-sustainability.  In one way or another, we’ve all been called to task…to give way to the spirit within that has been prompting us to lead our own lives and to reclaim our intrinsic sense of value thru the restoration of Soul Self-worth.  It is thru this reclamation of the masculine heart that we will be able to replenish the activating force of creation (fire) needed to build our authentic lives.

As we continue shifting out of these expired realities, our confidence & capability are slowly restoring and our Hearts are opening to ascend back into our True/Christed timeline.  This is our Original Divine Blueprint returning…the real YOU, reborn (!)…that completes the ancestral/genetic/timeline clearing work so we can finally experience our true genetics and the evolution of our Soul’s ascension.  This is the end of division for those at the fore which means Love & Light-workers, starseeds/starborns, volunteer souls, galactic ambassadors & ground crew…all who incarnated on Earth to do this particular mission work…can now return to ONEness via the new (future) age of LOVE, unity, & freedom.

In fact, this entire month (of 666 stargates) is presented as our extrication from the Piscean Age (of suffering) so we can move more freely & independently into the Age of Aquarius⇾ the Era of Peace.  We’ve been putting a final end to multiple reincarnation cycles and karmic contracts for this grand finale moment…the resolution of all the life lessons & learnings we’ve evolved thru with our soul groups on Earth.

In the days leading up to the solstice (i.e. the remainder of Gemini season), we will continue eliminating all the separation structures in the mind that tethered us to duality.  Since Mercury went retrograde on May 10th, the brain & nervous system have been rerouted for a deeper connection to the Higher (Diamond) Mind processor that was activated on the Gemini new moon, and now, via retroshade, we are moving thru an important calibration of the left & right brain hemispheres, a (temporary) process that is making it nearly impossible to think (or see) straight.

All of this rewiring will amount to a reconnected communication system with Source and a new/clear masculine channel that is supporting us (from within) to break free from the lower ego/monkey mind and to override any remaining interference programs that we may still be contending with.  As the new/divine masculine comes online our creator power is also returning and we are remembering how to rely on this once-dormant force in our bodies & lives again.  And while our inner feminine adjusts to these reinforcements, she is learning/trusting to let go of holding so much of the burden/responsibility and to let the supports IN to carry us the rest of the way Home.

This is the j-o-b of the true masculine…to support & sustain the feminine force…only we have not had access to this pure stream of energy before now so it will take some reprogramming (thru Saturn retrograde in Aquarius) to carve these new pathways at the physical level of life.  As our masculine side of self matures & evolves we are also (re)learning how to utilize it as a bonafide creation source after millenniums of not being able to trust this part of our intrinsic makeup.  This is all changing now as the masculine has been purified/sanctified and is ready to join the feminine in divine union…ready to forge the long-awaited partnership between heart & mind for True co-creation.

After an intense eclipse season, our physical world experiences are coming online in a way that we will be able to rely on.  It is a powerful time to expand beyond the limitations of what we “thought” was possible to start something entirely new, entirely YOU.  This is all just getting started and will continue growing and unfolding now that we’ve removed the obstacles preventing our inner m-f forces from cocreating in union.  It’s time to harness this potential within ourselves so we can deliver the higher/future/Original (Trinity) Creation model to the world and continue expanding into the freedom of our embodiment⇾ free of lack, fears, and all the karmic constraints that held us back.

The masculine has RISEN thru eclipse season which means the (external) part of us that interfaces with the outer world is ready to join us in the reCreation of our lives. All the logic and reason that has long eluded us…that we have been veiled from since our initial masculine heartbreak wounds that blocked this vital flow of intelligence…are now returning.  There’s been a lot of upheaval in our foundations to arrive here, but now that we’ve cleared the opposition we’re grounding in to feel more stable and secure in our Heart-field, more anchored in the New Earth reality.

The Scorpio (total) lunar eclipse saw to it that we thoroughly dug up all the dead roots of our past so we can now see the truth of what’s been holding us back, hindering our happiness, and hampering our personal successes.  This month is all about removing what will no longer produce new growth, bear fruit, or yield a plentiful harvest from our Soul Gardens so we can nourish our genuine crops from our true Seeds of Life and cultivate those creations with the full flow of our Life Force.

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