First Flight: establishing our cruising altitude

Happy New Year, Chinese (Lunar) New Year, & Aquarius Season!  2023 came in HOT…our sunspot-studded home star absolutely crackling with activity…and is already presenting as an uncommon year of revelation, resurrection, and “sustained flight” with opportunities for the first wave to move out of the darkness and into the Light in ways we have wished-waited-worked for, but could never fully achieve.

Capricorn season has been critical in this regard, facilitating foundational changes so we can step into our bountiful new beginnings without the gravity of the lower world holding us back or keeping us down any longer.  The first two weeks of the month were BIG review & release weeks and now, with the forward momentum of Mercury, Mars & Uranus direct, we will return to “setting up shop” for the New Earth (cosmic) frequencies to take ahold of our lives when things open up at the astrological new year.

Of which, we are currently in a 3-month window of preparation specific to this take-off in late March.  People, places, and puzzle pieces from our future are coming into view, and tho we can see them blinking on the outer rings of our radar we haven’t been able to move fully into action just yet.  That time is fast approaching. There’s a lot more to come but we have to be in readiness for receival, prepared for these new openings at the ground level which requires getting our life force back and rooted into the foundation of our bodies/lives⇾ compliments of the eternally long Mars retrograde journey.

As we ground into the densest parts of our bodies and clear the way (pathogens) to fully inhabit our vessel, we are simultaneously (and ironically) preparing for flight…i.e. to be capable to soar above the lower world first requires that we first anchor deeply within it.  With this, I have been observing that our Earth Star chakra is in the process of rerouting to the New Earth (cosmic realm) which is enabling us to finally ground in our new chakra system.  This can be (uncomfortably) felt in the root chakra, hips, legs, and soles of the feet but will eventually help us to feel safe & stable within our own body +  Earth’s body, thereby opening the pathways for our “health & wealth” energies to flow unimpeded.

Everything we need to thrive as the first inhabitants of the new world is coming online once we release the emotional trauma from our first/karmic life and ground our Light into our bodies. This trauma is what prevents us from feeling confident, capable, worthy, deserving, and independent in our Soul endeavors.

We’ve all been separated from our Selves and stuck in a loop…like Groundhog Day…just getting by, just barely functioning, which has perpetuated an inability to feel grounded, safe & secure in our bodies and in this world.  But now we are entering into brand new soul contracts….our new covenant with Creation…which means rebirthing, rebooting & beginning again as LOVE (GOD), at the mundane levels of life.  Where Pisces was the age of separation & fragmentation, Aquarius is the age of unity and marriage between Heaven (divinity) & Earth (humanity) which calls all parts of self back into the body. As our life force returns to our lower chakras, we are able to realize just. how. ungrounded. we’ve been as starseeds on duty in a fractured dimension of reality.

With the serpent system (matrix) now behind us now, we can finally be fully present on this planet for the first time in a very long time…maybe ever…which will also allow us to share our excess energy & reSources with others and the world…to be the bridge for those who want to learn how to achieve their own independence as we have.

Getting back to that position means everything NEW⇾ new outlook, new interests, new creative callings, new/higher mission work, new attraction points, new opportunities, new locations, new relationships, etc….more new than we can comprehend at this juncture because we have been so deep in the emptying & letting go phase, finishing up the 3D/4D timeline work.  Mars (physicality) retrograde in Gemini (duality) has been long & exhausting in this regard but will see to it that every ounce of our life force is removed from the (false) matrix.

In its place, there is a new infrastructure emerging in our consciousness.  This is the map, the plan, the guide, the blueprint for our higher dimensional life that is becoming accessible with new/original/inspired ideas & concepts that will be pulling us into new directions should we welcome them.  These may be big changes or incremental ones, but in either case, we are freeing up space within to take on more life than we’ve been able to handle with our ascension requirements.  This restructuring is all part of the preparation & reorganization that is available to us over these first 3 months.

The reality is that there is nothing holding us back from our original (dharmic) destiny any longer.  No more karmic contracts, earth school lessons, cords with other people, etc….these are all the things we’ve been releasing (for decades) so that we can move into our True/liberated life. The unified/cosmic energies are here-now, supporting us to fly which means we are being propelled pretty quickly into our new directions.

The advice with this is threefold:  Use the preparation window to 1) scale back, SIMPLIFY, and refine your choices. 2) Be sovereign with your decisions.  3) Run with the energies when they open to you/say YES to (Heart/Soul-aligned) opportunities when they call to you!

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