Harvest Season: fruit of thy womb

As of the equinox today (9/22) we are officially in harvest season and with this, distinct celebration energy is presenting…completion, balance, ONEness, healing, restoration, support & blessings…as we find our new feet and stabilize ourselves in the new reality. This equinox completes the 6-month cycle that began last equinox (March of 2021) where we have been working tirelessly to heal and ascend the masculine heart & brain, eliminating the seed point of separation from and between both processors.

To complete this arduous cycle, and to prepare our bodies for the New Earth experience, we were required to purge & purify all of the collapsed timelines within our DNA, all the lessons, learnings & growth that we moved thru since March which, in some cases, may have initiated quite an intensive healing crisis under Virgo Sun.

As such, the past 4 weeks could have possibly been the most difficult of the last layers of tribulations to overcome, especially for the highly feminine among us.  Thru a pretty relentless solar cycle and the ongoing integration of very high-frequency light codes, we have been pushed to our limits to rise above the old earth energies/entrapments and override the karmic/division template in order to create the openings for new possibilities born of our Divine Blueprint & the New Earth timeline.

The awakening of our Divine Blueprint is an unfoldment that begins with the release of our karmic destiny, which is what we have been steadily moving thru since the Lion’s Gate.  We have been dematerializing our current reality in order to rematerialize on the higher trajectory where our new Soul contracts replace our karmic contracts, thereby opening the doorway to Earth’s Original Destiny.

Even tho it is not fully recognizable yet, we have made a huge leap onto a brand new time spiral that is slowly beginning to reveal itself, more so in the weeks to come.  Since that jump, we have been in-between worlds, working fastidiously to establish ourselves in the nirvanic realms and resolve our old Earth endings, which has been quite a chaotic & challenging process both on a personal and planetary level.  Because it was such a significant (quantum) leap in consciousness, it required a significant uplevelling, clearing & expansion that none of us were spared.

September is also the 9th month of the year when we die to another layer of the past in order to be reborn into the NOW…a time to resolve and integrate the last nine months of lessons.  It is always a month of initiation prior to the new year but this year we are required to move thru mastery level initiations in order to assimilate the vibrations of the incoming mastery year of 2022.  The 9 energy coupled with the universal 5 energy of the month is requiring us to review & release all the challenges of liberation from separation (enslavement) that we have moved thru before the ONE month of October brings in the new (universal 6) themes of the new year.

As we continue to let go and complete our old earth endings this month we create the space needed to initiate more of our New Earth beginnings next month.  The Pisces full moon on 9/20, just prior to the equinox, was the linchpin for these (karmic) closures, supporting us to resolve the (feminine) persecution/victimization clearing work we’ve been doing in Virgo to anchor the feminine stream in first place, ascending the Divine Feminine Christ back to her rightful place & position.

Whatever needs to be released within to clear our mindset of the ill·usion that has been blocking our birthrights became very visible with this Piscean moon so that we can rise above it, dissolve the veil, and step fully/purely into the Aquarian Age.  It is time to step into our alchemical mastery and restructure our reality to align with our True, ascended state. ✡️✨????

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