Holy Ignition: rising of the Risen Suns

As we finish up the last of our Piscean Age purgings, the powerhouse energies of March keep bearing down on us making it one of the most pivotal months for rebirth in 2023.  The Equinox on 3/20…when the Sun enters Aries…is directly followed by the Aries New Moon on 3/21 (the 3d 3:3 stargate) and then on 3/23 Pluto momentarily dips his toe in Aquarius for a few months to begin the process of redirecting the resurrecting forces on the planet toward the New Age/New Earth for the next 21 years of death & rebirth.

We also have a second Aries New Moon on 4/19 (the total solar eclipse) which means we will be swimming in Arian (Mars) energy for several weeks as we welcome the arrival of the Divine Masculine on Earth. This propelling force is presented as the kinetic energy needed to alter our inertia (change course)…the fuel needed to ignite our (Holy) fire…the power needed to initiate our new lives & missions at the onset of this astrological new year.

And of course, we have also been moving thru the 3:3 (trinity) gates this month which have been activating the (Risen Sun) Trinitized Template that is birthing thru Aries Season to house the Divine Masculine Christ…the “main event” of 2023 that is setting the tone for this decidedly masculine (universal 7) year.  These activations have been forcing guiding us to remove everything that interferes with or opposes our New Earth reality, pushing us to take our power back in ALL ways so that we can begin again, with a fresh start from our stable foundation in unity.

The Risen Sun energy is a fractal of Father GOD which means the Almighty is now among us to Serve & Protect the Divine Feminine in all her forms…including our precious Earth Mother.  He is encouraging & supporting his Bride to step into Her Divine authority, to find Her authentic voice so she can take up Her new/true leadership position as the guiding Force of LOVE on this planet.

Where the Cosmic Mother energy meets the body at the Hara (Holy Womb) point, the Cosmic Father energy meets the body at the medulla oblongata…i.e. the alta major chakra.  This is the cosmic gateway where the (masculine) Force of life enters the spine and lights up the brain (Crystal Palace)…the circuitry of which connects directly into the Hara center, the seat of our monad.

Also called the “Mouth of GOD” portal, this is the principal entrance of the consciousness of Life Force, the divine will that gives strength & power to the often quieter (inner) voice of the Feminine…which is why it is sometimes called the Mouth of the Goddess…to speak our Truth unapologetically⇾ the firey truth that burns & transforms.

This center of our brain has been highly active (read: symptomatic) since Mars started his retrograde journey back in September when we began overriding the lower masculine (false ego identity) and rewriting/recoding/recalibrating to the higher expression of the masculine…the new/original Masculine that honors the Feminine in all her dealings, empowering Her with clear knowing, cosmic intelligence, new/higher spiritual + creative gifts, and providing the driving force for her Self-expression in all ways.

With this cosmic gateway unobstructed it will be easier to speak our spiritual Truth and to share our special gifts with the world through the clearing of & alignment with higher communication.  We’re done healing, reclaiming, and demanding higher standards for ourselves now, we will no longer accept less than we deserve and this unwavering ability to stay true to who we ARE keeps us calm, centered & stable in the body. With the reclamation of our life force from all lower masculine power dynamics, the Feminine can finally embrace her complete independence with the strength & confidence needed for this fresh new start.

On a collective level, the return of the Divine Masculine means we can flip the inverted matrix to correct the distortions on the planet and properly reroute the Force to reconstitute the sacred structures of Life on Earth.  As the first wave comes unstuck, we will pop the cork so to speak, opening the flow of energy to freely circulate at the physical level of life which will organically create the shifts needed to enter into this new age.

For all who have been anchoring, stabilizing, and providing sacred space within your Temple for the Divine Masculine Christ to be born on Earth, there is profound gratitude & recognition coming forth from on High for your unending service to this planet, galaxy & universe. Without you, there would be no ability to free this planet from her imprisonment and humanity from enslavement.  Adonai commanders. ????????

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