Living Light: the sacred waters of Soul

We just moved thru the first 1010 (Alpha & Omega) portal this week which presented as the doorway to the Divine Matrix that is ushering those prepared into the ONEness field (unified field of consciousness).  The 1010 gateways in conjunction with this month’s eclipses initiate the beginning & the end for the first wave…our final exits from the artificial matrix (liberation from the last lingering effects of Piscean Age suffering/victimhood) and our entrance into the Organic Grid of Living Light that illuminates the New Earth hologram.

These are really strong, fiery energies leading to the Libra New Moon/Solar Eclipse (10/14) which is our opportunity to release a major (mindset) block that has limited our authentic self-expression. We are freeing ourselves from “that thing” that has been holding us back from greatness, keeping us small, blocking our ability to take the lead in our lives for multiple incarnations.  This first eclipse is our moment to reset our coordinates to a karmic-free existence by overriding our impaired value & worth systems so that we can effectuate lasting change and accomplish what we truly came here to do.

Even tho our minds may have been telling us otherwise, we are now fully supported from on High to realize our divine destiny on Earth as it is Heaven.  As we complete our genetic & ancestral healing, life has been brilliantly restructuring itself to accommodate our higher choices & trajectories where things are magically clicking into place so that we are free to move on from old Earth and expedite our evolution into the Cosmic Realms.

And as we deepen in our embodiment we have been leaving behind the false reality of fear & lack, evil & temptation while simultaneously learning to trust in our divinity at the physical level of life.  The need of the hour is to reopen our Hearts to others and the human world knowing that our YOUniverse now has our backs on all levels.  We are being asked to drop our guards in faith that we are now fully supported, but after lifetimes of not having access to our divinity in the density, this takes some definite leaning into.

Step by step we are repatterning, reprogramming & rewriting our reality while being shown…in real time…that our dharmic destiny is here-now and that the only thing really required is our willingness to trust again, to believe that this is so.  The proof is finally in the proverbial pudding, our hologram of life is responding to our resonance as LOVE which is now given priority over fear.  No longer are we required to suppress our Heartfelt desires in favor of the lower reality knowing that the world we are stepping into dutifully responds to the former.

Now…and by way of the final stargates of this year…we are no longer just beasts of burden, carrying the weight of the world for an unawakened humanity.  We have released the role of sacrificial lamb which means it’s high time to take up our mantle as governors of GOD…time to recognize our Gifts of Soul, develop them, and put them to use so that we can employ our greater missions of Service for the greater good.

Knowing what our gifts are automatically determines our part in The Divine Plan…but it is fully up to our human to enact it.  This is our weekend to let go of the struggle and fearlessly embrace this next phase of evolution in fulfillment of prophecy for New Heaven, New Earth, & New Human society.

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