Master Alchemists: ONE with Creation

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and finally Mercury are all now direct which means many months of intense retrograde review & excavation…much of which was initiated by the great conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in 2020…are wrapping up and things can now start moving forward again.  We also have the Aries full moon today (10/20), prompting an important closure and another major release point for the start of something brand new, followed by the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio on October 23d.  These are some big energies propelling some major gear shifts…the oomph we all need to rock out of our ruts.

This week we are breaking thru the equilibrium point of Libra season which brought the necessary (polarity) balance to move out of old earth while the Aries moon sparks our new beginnings, pushing us to own our Truth & mission…to drop our slavery template and step deeper into our divine/starborn/galactic leadership template. There is a level of completeness that is revealing our True identity and the return of our intrinsic Creator power as the Master Alchemists we inherently are.  This is lifting us up to our rightful place and position where we will be seen-heard-felt more powerfully as our (galactic) Gifts of Soul awaken thru the establishment of divine neutrality and our return to ONEness.

All remaining division within has been progressively coming to a head this month to be merged, balanced & neutralized under Libra Sun…opening the pathway for our true freedom of expression, to use our full voice for the Greater Good.  With this comes a new authority, a new level Knowing that is giving us a new level of ambition…a divine power that will be used to execute the Divine Plan.  We are ready to grow and expand into the next level of our journey and the momentum is building to start this new cycle with grace & clear direction.

On the celestial front, the South Node (karmic destiny) in Sagittarius (higher ground) is completing its journey thru this sign at the end of 2021/beginning of 2022 which…for those who crossed over to the New Earth timeline…is our window to finalize the karmic journey and ascend into our True Life.  It is time to reset/reboot to our Original (Dharmic) Destiny based on all we’ve learned, whole & attained thru our first life experience.

Of which, the North Node (Dharmic Destiny) also completes its journey thru Gem·in·i (diamond mind) at the end of 2021/beginning 2022, which reads like the clearing of our biocomputer cache…the deletion of everything we held onto in our first life that isn’t relevant to (aligned with) our Second/True Life.  Whatever thoughtforms (narratives) that were holding us back, keeping us stuck/trapped on the karmic wheel, are being removed as we open to the freedom to leave all that (suffering) behind now.

To that aim, we have been moving thru a massive universal sorting process requiring a thorough emptying out phase in order to make room for our New Earth reality.  The divergence of (old earth & new earth) timelines initiated at the Lion’s Gate has since been purging all misqualified frequencies from our lives, work, business, and relationships to begin this brand new Creation cycle with absolute purity & clarity of Heartmind.

On a physical level, this can manifest as a major house cleaning and/or home upgrades, decluttering, reorganizing & restructuring every component of life in order to begin again with a completely clean slate in preparation for the filling-up phase to follow.  We are clearing things out, turning things on, getting things moving, taking back our Creator power and reclaiming our birthrights for what will amount to a brand new experience of Scorpio this season. ????????

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