Phoenix Rising: beyond the fallen realms

Are you ready to RISE from the ashes of your past?  We are officially at the threshold of the total lunar eclipse + Scorpio (Wesak) full moon (5/15 & 16) and the atmosphere is palpably charged. Since the (universal 9) month of March we have been riding the undulating waves of death & rebirth to arrive here, pushed to let go, to rest, detox, heal & integrate so we can open up to the new (vibration of) Self arriving thru this window.

From here we arrive at peak vibration via the Solstice gateway which will enable us to open to the next Lightbody level and the New Human operating system.  This is a time of restitution…of restoring our power (life force) and opening the pathway to our dharmic destiny on Earth.  The new moon solar eclipse to full moon lunar eclipse has been our window to get things back in right/divine order at the lower levels, to find the essential balance between our solar &. lunar aspects and to anchor in that equilibrium point.

Now (post-lunar eclipse) we are being called back to the light after a finalizing round of shadow work…after weeks of neutralizing & fine-tuning. We are in a unique (resurrection/eclipse) season to prepare our bodies for this rapid ascent, attuning & aligning our Temples to not just hold/absorb more light, but to BEcome the light…thru the continuous cosmic, solar & geomagnetic activity that has been streaming in faster & stronger.

As we merge with the light, we expand into the new/higher reality via the plasmic Lightbody, fusing our flesh bodies with Solara to become the Risen Suns (radiant Suns of GOD) on Earth.  This fusion is reconnecting us to our original (divine) database, the storehouse of cosmic records containing the memory of who we ARE, and what we’re truly made of.  This is the “great awakening” that also releases us from the past, freeing us from old mission contracts so we can be reborn of the Cosmic Egg and embody our authentic genetics.

With the expiration of old service contracts, all new is coming online for Starseeds, Light & Love workers.  This is about releasing the burdens we’ve been carrying, dropping the weight of the world, and moving into retirement from the last two decades ++ of collective energy work (clearing & anchoring) to now focus solely on our own transformation so that we can begin again with a fresh start in the New Earth.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to clear our human genetics + ancestral bloodlines all the way back to the inception point of suffering (separation)…an all-encompassing process that has been keeping us suspended in our personal lives…but now it is time to release that role and regenerate into the new Christed timeline.  We’re so accustomed to doing all the heavy lifting that even after formally renouncing our first life contracts, we still have to retrain our instincts & actions to no longer engage in that work.  For anyone.

This eclipse + resurrection season is our shift>command>reset moment, where we have the opportunity to restart our biocomputer and open to our next level missions, void of all the transmutations that have been so taxing on our systems.  For those of the first wave, it’s time to complete our work with humanity so they can go thru their own process and the next wave can take the reigns.  As leaders of the Way and the Truth and the Life, we have to ready ourselves for directorship roles that require us to call ALL our power back now, all the energy we’ve lent out to help the Earth & humanity.

Ultimately, this is the physical level completion of our bodhisattva clause which means it’s finally coming time for US now…time to bring our own lives up to speed after decades of holding ourselves back for the greater good.  The rest of this spring (in the north) is our time to focus on restoring our balance, health & stability from all the trauma we’ve healed & overcome…to bask in our accomplishments before we set out to new seas.

It’s high time for a new adventure and we can feel it in our bones…time to do things from a place of JOY instead of dread, fulfillment instead of responsibility.  The Scorpio full moon eclipse is our breakaway from duty so we can attract new opportunities & activities that replenish our spirit & nourish our bodies.  We’ve done what we came here to do at this level and we’ve achieved the impossible.  Collectively we cleared our way back to the original/divine human blueprint, removed the (serpent) seed of separation, and collapsed the entire (Adam & Eve) timeline of division so that we are now free to reenter the Garden.   Next?  “Bloom where you’re planted.” ????

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