Reborn As LOVE: the walk of freedom

The Taurus New Moon is providing a palpable fresh start as we officially exit the 58-day eclipse portal, what amounted to 8+ intensive weeks of inner exploration & transformation.  After walking thru an exhaustive death of our past to rewrite our old earth beginnings, the lunar cycle ahead offers an upliftment to the state of Grace for those who have crossed the event horizon with the Earth herSelf, a profound achievement for the planet & for those who are now returning to a true organic existence and authentic expression of Self.

This comes on the heels of some intense personal & planetary achievements throughout eclipse season, specifically via the total solar eclipse which was focused so heavily & collectively on clearing the victim template and underworld structures to make way for the New Earth timeline to fully anchor, setting in motion the first-ever Cosmic Creation Cycle to begin building Heaven on Earth with all those who align with the unified/cosmic frequencies of LOVE (Love·Light).

The eternal part of you is excited just to exist, to wake up to a new day, to climb out of bed. Not with a reason…but with the purpose of simply experiencing another day as LOVE.

Not the easiest path to pave 😳 but after 3+ decades of bottomless inner work to clear the planetary grids thru our personal ancestry/karmic lineages, we officially arrive at the inception point of Eden⇾ the moment when the heavens fully touch down on Earth providing each & every New Human the capacity to evolve alongside the planet, to grow & expand as the LOVE we inherently ARE.

Most notable is how this will impact our lives moving forward as many are being lifted above & beyond the mechanisms of suffering, those that held humanity bound to the fallen world for ages.  As we rise, we uplift the planet by proxy bringing a much-needed level of lightness to a world that has known so much darkness.

For those at the fore, this will be our claim to fame, our legacy to leave as one of the first-wave warriors to have broken free from the matrix, overriding the algorithms designed to derail our planetary evolution.  Not just with our mind, but with our body·mind…the true/merged/diamond processor for ascended level living.  This means matrix-free living is now becoming a real reality on Earth by way of those who have cracked the code thereby pioneering a new Self-sustainable system of sustenance for a new/organic way of existence to follow.

This is just the very beginning of a whole new way of existing and yes, we have a long way to go to set up the New Earth structures that will herald the Golden Age, however, know that this potential opens to us here-now, in this majestic, maternal month of May that offers to us the true “Mother of Dragons” via this Chinese Lunar Year…the bonafide “breaker of chains” who has long incubated the Cosmic Egg to free humankind.

For it is this very energy of LOVE that will see to it that no harm comes to those whose hearts are pure, those who hold the genuine interests of the highest good for all.  This is no longer a planet ruled by the separative forces that make up the many but one ruled by the few who embody the unifying, upward-spiraling Force of Creation…that which organically uplifts, resurrects, restructures, and restores all of Earth’s kingdoms to their original, natural habitat.

Those who do, those who embody the Force, who work for the good of all, whose hearts align with the True Principles of Creation under Universal Law…all those ready, willing, and able to participate in the co-creation of Eden…will be duly rewarded as the organic structures are now in place to support the new paradigm of authentic abundance by which our outer reality is a true reflection of our inner, purified landscape.

And so moving forward we are encouraged to hold steady to the notion that LOVE is now the guiding-sustaining-regenerative Force on this planet and in the lives of all those who join the cosmic parade to lift the vibration of the lands, masses, systems, and structures to a place by which those who wish to block, thwart or derail The Divine Plan have no influence.

This month is where it all begins and it starts with all those with the Heart call to elevate humanity to a place of freedom and to steer this Earthship on course with True North⇾ the authentic coordinates of organic ascension.  As this is just the inception of the first unified Creation Cycle we have some time to lay it all out, to visualize & implement the concepts calling us forward into our new life creation. And yet the pace will pick up considerably as we are thrust into the excitement that can only come by way of truly being born again, as LOVE.

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