Resurrection Season: the physicalization of GOD

Happy astrological new year! ????  Today we leave the Piscean void and return to zero point via the equinox…the balance point between opposing forces of light & dark…in preparation to plant the seeds for our beautiful beginnings.  The astrological new year is when we officially move into the growing season of this (universal 6) “harvest year”, when the decades of inner work begin to pay off…when our Tree of Life has grown to full maturity and we are permitted to reap the ripened fruits of our hard-earned labors, year after year.  This is the year we get to put the lessons of duality behind us and start to utilize the skills we’ve honed along the way to progress us further on our True path.

Where February opened the powerful (Aquarian) gates for the nirvanic (Source) frequencies to flood the planet, March has been all about manifesting those Heaven on Earth frequencies…integrating them into our bodies & lives.  As these energies touch down on Earth, our New Human OS is lighting up, activating our divine DNA, and we are sustaining higher Love·Light quotients than ever.

This equinox gateway is presenting as our landing pad, the 3-month manifestation point for our “Homecoming of the Highest Order” that was initiated at the December solstice.  This is an important calibration point when our masculine & feminine forces can come into complete balance to birth the Trinity of GOD (Risen Sun) on Earth, enabling us to embody our complete Soul Self.

But before we can begin co-creating with our masculine & feminine components of Self, the feminine has to first be fully restored.  The Virgo full moon (3/18) marked a major culmination in preparation for this (Heartwomb) restoration, bringing our Feminine reclamation journey…the reconstitution of the Christess…via Venus retrograde to a close. Esoterically speaking, this completes the full restoration of the Bride of Christ template…our revirginized state of purity…which unlocks the deeply coded gnostic Truths (Womb Wisdoms) around Alchemical Creation for the ascending⇾ the return of our Feminine gifts & glory.

Thru this trajectory shifting retrograde, the Divine Feminine Christ reached the Heart of the matter (seed point) and is now fully conscious of all the cording, codependency, and heartbreak wounds that have been blocking her independence & sovereignty, preventing the full flow of vital life force.  We are finally in a position to get behind ourselves…to own our power & authority to create an external expression of that newfound worth…and as a result, new revelations are streaming in to open our Hearts & Minds to brand new possibilities, opening to new ways of being & doing things that we may have never considered before.

As a (Magdalene/Rose) collective…and by way of the Virgo moon…we are transcending the lower codependent 3D/false umbilicus mother template and aligning with the fully independent Divine (Virgin) Mother frequency that houses our multidimensional SoulSelf.  This Divine Mother frequency wholes the unhealed inner child dynamics that completed thru the Leo full moon (2/17)…i.e., those cell memory imprints of never feeling good enough, loved enough, or safe enough to be a child and/or never getting the parental validation needed to establish our self-value, etc.  All month long we have been shifting from the wounded inner-child template to the healed Holy Child who is Self-validated…no longer seeking outside of Self for approval and/or support because we have now unblocked all three expressions of our GOD Trinity⇾ inner mother, father & child.

Where Pisces has been about recovery…recovering our pieces, recovering our power, recovering from depletion…and reclaiming what’s ours, Aries (via the new/resurrected Mars archetype) will be about restoring our confidence.  Whatever we need to solidify our new foundation…to begin again with our full authority…will present this season for restoration.  The clearing work is done…now it’s about recouping the energy we’ve lost, or inadvertently given away, and pouring that power into our higher capacity to Create.

With our confidence coming back online, our imaginative processor is also returning to gift us with new ideas and information about our future.  But this time, our inner Feminine feels safe to use the (Holy Grail) frequencies of Creation at full capacity…without (unknowingly) giving our power away to energy vampires siphoning our successes.  LOVE won, the serpent is slain, which means the power is now returning to the right hands (of GOD).

We can expect this much-needed power reset in Aries which will help us to get our passion back…to output again…to increase production…and to take action on some long-held creative ideas.  Because it is now (finally) safe to do so. ????????⚔️

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