Returning to Our Roots: a new physical adventure

The Cancer New Moon (7/5) is such a special, supportive lunation this year as it creates a grand trine with Saturn, accompanied by a magical Star of David and followed by a second Capricorn Full Moon which is returning the lunar rhythm to its natural state…i.e. where the new moon precedes the full moon…after being in reverse order for over a year.  This means that under the influence of Cancer’s ruling planet, we are entering a period of increased manifestation & Creator potential as the lunar cycles are now realigned with the organic flow of Creation.

This heralds a Creative inception point of the highest order in that we are beginning again (as LOVE) in the world of form…in right/divine order…after having healed lifetime after lifetime, generation after generation of feminine persecution, pain & suffering from the dark/demonic/distorted lunar structures…i.e. the false moon matrix used to thwart/corrupt/reroute the Feminine Force (Holy Mother principle) upon this planet.

As you fine-tune your journey thru space you will find that each portal point offers a New Human gift to open as we embark on this unchartered, enchanting adventure of the new physical form.

This new moon...which is also conjunct Sirius and therefore amplifying its astrological influence with immense energy & spiritual power…is a vitally important emotional reset/reboot for the Feminine principle enabling the ascending to return to their rightful place & position as the leaders of the New Earth/Aquarian Age paradigm⇾ à la Keepers of the Garden. We are claiming back our Holy Grail/Creatress Fire that was wrongfully taken long ago in an attempt to usurp the sacred Force of this planet and her people.  This means that those aligned with authentic Forces of Earth can no longer be controlled by the dark/lunar false feminine forces as we are now stepping into full command & authority as governors of the sacred Force of Life.

Not only that but this first new moon of the summer…directly followed by the 7:7 stargate…is a physical jumping-off point into the manifest seasons of the first Cosmic Creation Cycle which means if you’re connected to the Christed grid you can utilize this powerful lunar cycle to begin grounding your New Earth ventures into something tangible.  Those attuned to the sacred harmonics of Creation will also be gifted with the spiritualized energies of the Sirian Stargate portal for an extra boost of power this month which can be applied to said manifestations as these frequencies organically enhance our Creator capacity.

July in general reads like a rapid unveiling of our authentic Self as we progress toward the 888 Lions Gate in August.  We’re going to be leaving behind a lot of the things that we’ve been dealing with for so long, specifically those themes we’ve been processing thru since the first eclipse cycle which was a deeply inward period of purging & excavation in preparation for the upcoming super portal.  These themes can be identified by what has been draining your life force, or pulling your energy out of balance…a realization & elimination of what may be too much for you or where you are giving too much of yourself away.

Because we are anchoring so deeply into our authentic Self + prioritizing our needs over others…and if you’ve been doing your shadow work…you will be able to better focus your health & wealth energies on creating the “all-new-everything” instead of perpetually processing the past which means finally capitalizing on the manifest seasons to begin building an authentically aligned life.  🏠🩷

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