Risen Sun: birth of the Cosmic Christ

We are headed toward another major completion point via the Paschal (Libra) Full Moon…the first full moon of spring (in the north)…on Saturday (4/16) in which both the Sun & Moon are being squared by Pluto in Capricorn.  There is a palpable pressure to shift & evolve out of old karmic patterns…to choose Love over fear, Heart over head…what reads like an intentional initiation before we enter into Resurrection Season the following day (4/17).

And tho we’ve technically been in eclipse season since the Aries new moon (4/1), the Taurus new moon at the end of the month (4/30) is when the first (solar) eclipse takes place.  This next new moon cycle is helping us to break free from our personal prisons…to emancipate our minds (from lower ego traps) and come to grips with what has been holding us back (potentially for lifetimes) in order to fully embrace our new life cycle.

Overall, a lot of big energies are building to our deliverance, the quantum shift point of liberation from our karmic lives, roles, missions, duties, responsibilities, and most importantly…our biology.

To that aim, revelations and explanations (life reviews) are continually surfacing to assist our understanding so we can digest & integrate everything we’ve been thru to arrive here.  All the core wound programming and sublevel programming we’ve been working to disentangle needs to be cleared for this new timeline that we’ve been birthing ourselves into via the 4:4 stargates of April.

The number 4 is a no-nonsense number.  It initiates the meeting of the spiritual & material worlds, the numeric (and geometric) grounding force required to manifest the Trinity from the 3:3 stargates of March.  This year…because we are bringing our bodies thru the delivery portal to the New Earth timeline…the 4 energies came in with a bit of a crash landing which at first could be felt like a soul fracturing…feeling anxious, ungrounded, unsettled & destabilized…like there were pieces of ourselves everywhere, leaving us scattered/unfocused and unable to function in the most basic of ways.

We are still recollecting these soul shards and putting ourselves back together on the new timeline which will allow for us to anchor into life more fully…likely as the Sun shifts into earthy Taurus on 4/19…but our physicality needs time/space to assimilate, to feel more “here” than “there”.  The way this comes across is as if we literally dematerialized from the old earth and rematerialized on the new, but we are still gathering up our particles of consciousness.  Once we settle into the new frequency, stabilize and regroup in the here & now, we will be able to move forward as our whole/complete Selves and get our bearings in this new land…one by which we are no longer creating based on the unhealed version of self.

Of which, the New human Operating System…which made its debut following the 222 gateways…is becoming operational, but this new/ultra-pure (cosmic) frequency has been dormant within us for so very long that we are just getting to know it again, learning to trust it again, remembering with each step how to ground it into our bodies & lives so we can Create with it again.  With that comes the responsibility to be mindful of the fact that, just like last year, we are rebirthing ourselves thru the wound (of separation)…only we are now doing this at the physical level of life.  This means that any remaining unhealed thoughts/views about our old human identity are UP so we can surrender them and shift our mindset to align with our new/True version of Self.

We’ve completed the paradigm shift which means we are Home now…the Cosmic (Christ) realm is here…but it is up to us to take the leap of faith required to trust in a world where, prior to now, Mother GOD was not.  Living as LOVE on a planet unsupported by the Feminine…the care & well-being of all…definitely took its toll, but all that is about to change in the most profound of ways.  It is coming time to exhale with the knowledge (and proof) that everything we’ve worked for is finally coming to fruition. ????

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