Solstice Celebration: Earth’s first ūüéďing class

We are moving thru a monumental, perhaps even incomprehensible, completion cycle this month as we finalize the 10-year journey of our Cosmic becoming that began on 12/12/12.  For the last decade (2012-2022) we have been in a massive in-breath cycle…calling back our soul fragments, drawing our energy inward to transmute tremendous darkness from the fallen realms while clearing our bodies, lives & lineages of genetic miasms from lifetimes of ancestral karma in preparation for embodiment.  Now we are bringing this epic journey to a close, breaking free from the auric egg, so we can begin the new Cosmic Creation cycle as a collective.

Because of this grand finale point, the overarching theme of December has been “the point of no return” as we drop the old/lower self & (separation) structures that we have been working with our entire lives.¬† This last month of the year also happens to be a universal 9 month which brings lots of death/birth energies to the surface in addition to the annual 1212-1221 portal of completion for the last 12-month cycle of expansion.¬† As mentioned last month, we can expect significant endings to continue to birth new beginnings all. month. long.

Then, right before Christmas, we finish up our Piscean Age affairs (of suffering & persecution) as Jupiter leaves Pisces and reenters Aries on 12/20, followed by the Solstice on 12/21, the Capricorn New Moon on 12/23…the same day Chiron stations direct…and right in time for the annual birth of Christ(ship) celebrations on 12/25.

Throughout December we’ve been dying to our ancient & recent past, releasing cell memory, and simultaneously opening to our new (cosmic) contracts that align with our dharmic destiny after now having completed years of intense personal & planetary clearing cycles.¬† We’ve moved thru so many drastic internal changes and we are now being called to calibrate to our new Cosmic Soul plan which will take place thru the combined Mercury + Mars retrograde journey ahead (12/29-1/19/23) that is presenting as a “mega makeover cycle.”

The reason this is so significant is that Mercury (ruler of Gemini) governs this Mars retrograde (in Gem¬∑in¬∑i) which means the body (Mars) + mind (Mercury) calibration we’ve been undergoing since October 30th is about to go next level…to step up the process of aligning with our diamond/crystalline core operating system. NOTE: Keep in mind that at the lower level, Gemini is the sign of the twins (duality) that, when merged back into unity, births our multidimensionality (diamond consciousness).¬† So all these ongoing Gemini energies that will be with us until just after the March equinox are ultimately propelling us out of division (the matrix) at the physical level of life.

While both these decidedly masculine archetypes navigate the inner planes in tandem, this will be our time to bring the connection & communication components of our lives (and missions) into alignment with all the new information that surfaced thru the eclipses which offered us important glimpses of our new directions/next steps¬†but without any real “how’s”.

The Gemini Full Moon on 12/7…which was exactly conjunct Mars retrograde…highlighted this new path (or obstructions thereof) that we’ve been marinating in for weeks on end, shining a spotlight on the practical matters required to change the course of our lives to align with our Higher/Cosmic identity.

That powerful moon was all about taking the long view, awakening to the clarity and concrete choices needed to synchronize with our long-held visions for New Earth.¬† This amounted to an important preliminary step toward setting realistic goals for the establishment of permanence…thru the Capricorn lunar cycle… now that we are residing in the frequencies of Home via the new Heavenly (starry) realm on Earth‚áĺ thy Kingdom Come. ????

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