The Ascending Mind: diamond dual core processor

This eclipse series that we are currently moving thru is the portal gateway of our ascension out of division and into unity…out of the lower timelines and into the New Earth timeline via the establishment of our Higher state of being.  We are evolving out of the separation template that pits humans against humans…humans against Earth…humans against all the Organic Life Force structures and reSources on this planet.  We have witnessed an explosion of that very divisive narrative across the planet since 2020, an amplified exploitation of the (Piscean/Neptunian) veil of ill·usion that keeps humanity from remembering our intrinsic ONEness with Source, and therefore with every person, place, and element of this beautiful planet.

As we return to that natural state of ONEness with the divine, each other, and the planet, all the false programming that is in place to prevent this inevitable reality from manifesting gets LOUD and so for those starborns on mission to serve the personal & planetary ascension process it has been our job as LOVE·LIGHT workers to span that human divide…crucially so since last year.  Our work is/has been to remain centered in neutrality while humanity journeys thru the long dark night and to continue to hold & anchor unity/cosmic consciousness so that we can express/emanate that energy to the collective, all the while finalizing our personal & ancestral karmic contracts.

That clearing work for our oversoul and monadic downlines is coming to completion now.  For many, the total lunar eclipse on May 26th was the linchpin to that resolution⇾ the release point from the karmic journey made manifest.  Since then we have been delivering ourselves in waves from the deep karmic underlay at the emotional & physical level of life…freeing our hearts from the underpinnings of our separated past.

And now…via the solar eclipse that took place on the June 10th Gemini new moon…we are at our mental freedom point, bringing forth the expression of our undivided Soul from within thru the unified Heartmind.  For those prepared (purified), this is where the duality of the Gem·in·i twins becomes the unified Diamond Mind processor…the capacitor for crystalline/christed consciousness…enabling us to effortlessly overwrite the energies of suppression and call forth brand new potentials.

Collectively we are getting to the point of equilibrium within, the balanced neutral state needed to utilize the incoming (Source) codes that initiate major Lightbody upgrades. This is our reboot into the New Human operating system that is presenting as a major timeline jump from duality to unity/separation to ONEness where we have enormous galactic and celestial support to flip right side up into the true Feminine first/Heart-before-mind dynamic that we have been aggressively working toward since Pentecost of 2017 and the return of Shekinah to Earth.

The solar eclipse made this possible thru the completion of the intensive masculine heart healings within all of us (and the male collective) which was a MAJOR component of the first half of 2021.  These healings re-opened the blocked pathways of divine LOVE, facilitating the return of the true Christed King virtues of purity, royalty & sovereignty to the masculine principle.  This means the codependency wounds, attachments, and the egoic/narcissistic war template/frequency are now resolving & dissolving within the Christed Collective as we neutralize & finalize these timelines within our DNA.

Next, as we approach the solstice and the Sun’s entrance into Cancer, we prepare our sacred womb space to birth our galactic “gifts of mastery” thru our Holy Grail portal.  We have quite a new season ahead!

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