Unity & The New Earth Timeline

This year’s Lion’s Gate…i.e. the first (8:8) stargate of the Planetary New Year…that we just moved thru on the Leo new moon was the physical entrance to the New World.  From within this new (unified) realm of consciousness, our focus officially shifts from becoming to BEing, from when to NOW, which means from this moment/doorway/portal forward, our vantage point is no longer from a place of future…but from the present moment.  In real-time.

As we reorient from the fragmented state to the unified state, we are essentially becoming quantum (Aquarian Age) beings…complete unto ourselves…to where each of us is unique & individual and yet a constituent contributing to the collective whole.  In fact, the quantum state is the Aquarian state in that we are growing in our ability to embody our authentic individuality amidst the eternal ONEness.

This foundational shift will continue to deepen in our awareness until the (1) month of October when the new year/timeline energies of 2022 ground more fully into our life’s experience.  In the meantime, and until the (second/blue) Aquarius Full Moon on 8/22…just hours before the Sun enters Virgo…those at the forefront remain in a transitional holding pattern (since the last Aquarius Full Moon on (7/23), spanning the divide between old earth and new in order to hold space for as many people as prepared to make the transition at this time.

For the moment, this means that we are still between timelines…with a foot in both worlds…unable to move forward onto our desired path.  This is a challenging position to be in, one we are maneuvering gracefully…but not without mastery.  That said, and what’s special about this full moon, is that it takes place at 29° Aquarius (the last/anaretic/mastery degree) which is not only a major release point, but Aquarius is also the sign of the “future” which speaks pretty plainly to a major jump to a future (5D) timeline after the completion of this (3D) life phase.

This growth spurt comes after putting in the real/deep work required this (universal 5) year to liberate ourselves from all codependent dynamics and relationships, cutting ourselves free so we can now split off from the 3D reality, step into our full Truth, and go our own/higher way.  We are living out a major, yet predetermined (by us) choice point that requires Self-honoring…the Self before ALL else…in order to jump off the wheel, break away from the matrix, and harness the Heart-power available to live (and lead) a cord-free existence.

Those currently making this leap…the full ascent from darkness (duality) to light (unity)…have removed the seed point of separation, healed the division within, and are completely hollowed out (Akashic records cleared) as the proverbial empty chalice in “readiness for receival”….ready to receive the divine support, galactic gifts & gnostic wisdom needed to move forward in our new lives/new creations/New Earth, and take the lead as LOVE.

The full moon this week is “the big push” to birth our New Earth contracts (and release our karmic contracts) which means holding steady to the higher reality while we remove whatever is blocking us from our planetary mission work in the lower reality.  The energies building to this lunar event are paving the way, pushing us to purify, purge, neutralize, open, soften, TRUST…to stand down, to let go & let LOVE…as these lower timelines collapse within and around us to open up our new horizons.  ????

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